Richter Landscaping uncaring and poor work

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Company was contracted by builder to furnish lanscaping. With in months there were 2 trees that died. Company returned to replace after many complaints and after missing several apointments to replace. Upon arrivsl, company had substandard trees that were near death and were refused, company returned with marginal tree and planted after 2 weeks. Several monnths later while planting flowers around one of the trees, it was found that company did not follow industry standards and did not properly properly plant tree. Tree was not back filled and there was a large void under tree which prevented tree from getting moisture and water. This was corrected by home owner.New issue has now occurred in which another tree has died. The builder was contacted and had landscaper return to inspect and determine cause or if the drainage pipe below tree was damaged when tree was planted. Company came to property and failed to due as builder asked and only visually inspected with out digging. Company representative stated that it appeared odd and roots were growing up out of ground. Homeowner has now begun excavating tree and found they again did not follow standards. Tree planted incorrectly below grade, planted into standing water, with out proper mounding and with out removing protective wrap from tree roots/base. Tree was found to be in standing water with out recent rain and no roots growing downward. Despite photographic proof and a dead tree, the company continues to deny any responsibility. Customer service is non existent and no one responding to complaints.


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Review about: Multiple Trees Planted In Landscape.

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